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How to Impress a Marquess by Susanna Ives


How to Impress a Marquess by Susanna Ives
Sourcebooks Casablanca: November 1, 2016
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Free From Publisher

Beach Vacation

How to Impress a Marquess is a humourous, yet not particularly historically accurate historical romance. If you like your historicals with a heavy dose of realism back away now. If you’re like me, and accuracy doesn’t bother you that much, continue reading.

Susanna Ives is an author that first came on my radar with Wicked, My Love, a funny on-the-road-romance between two very different people. I loved Wicked, My Love so I was quite anxious to dive into Ives’ latest historical, which again features two characters who do not like one another due to their preconceived notions of one another. Naturally, these two discover that appearances can be deceiving. (more…)