Flying above the clouds with “Updraft”

UpdraftUpdraft by Fran Wilde
Tor Books: September 1st, 2015 (Fantasy)*


Outstanding Adventure!

There’s so much to love about this thrilling fantasy above the clouds.

Built out of bone towers, layered in secrets, Kirit Densira’s city is rife with tension. How the city came to be, and how the bone towers came to be necessary, is never really explained. It just is. The skies are dangerous. Skymouths are invisible, huge wormlike creatures (at least, that’s how I imagined them) that swallow people whole. When there is a migration of the creatures, they can devastate whole towers. The bone towers grow on their own, solidifying from the center outward as they rise – making dwelling on the lower levels uncomfortable, and the very lowest levels uninhabitable. There is a mystical/spiritual element to the world: magic and mysticism are the forces behind the growth of the towers, and the city (the bone) is perceived a sentient being. Like many early civilizations, human sacrifice is used to appease the city when it grows troubled.