1421990Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Avon: October 30, 2007
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Free From Library

I’d go there again!

Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series is a series that I’ve heard a lot good things about over the years, but not a series that I’ve felt inclined to pick up. When I came across it in audio format I thought I would finally give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I should pay attention to the “fuss” more often.

Catherine Crawfield is a half-vampire who’s been stalking the undead for a number of years. Her mother has a hate on for all vampires and isn’t really cool with the fact that Cat is half-vampire. To atone for something that’s not her fault, Cat hunts for vampires. Things get interesting when Cat attempts to kill Bones, an old vampire who objects to Cat’s attempt to murder him. Instead of killing Cat, Bones decides to train her. After all, Cat does not give any obvious signs that she’s stronger than the average human, which just might be the ace in the hole that he needs to take down the vampires that he’s hunting.

For her part, Cat is uneasy about teaming up with a vampire. All she knows about vampires is what her mother has told her. So, to Cat’s mind, all vampires are murderers who deserve to die. Bones slowly challenges that opinion while simultaneously encouraging Cat to embrace the fact that vampire blood is also running through her veins. Ever so slowly does Cat start to accept the interesting bits of her nature, and with that subsequent acceptance, Cat also starts to feel something more than antagonism for Bones. (more…)

Marked in Flesh: In Which War Breaks Out

22062202Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop
Penguin/Roc: March 8, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Free from publisher

I’d go there again!

As I’ve read this series, I’ve enjoyed each book to a different degree. The first one drew me in, the second and third one let me down a little. And as you’ve figured out by now, I liked this one quite a lot.

Marked in Flesh brings the conflict between humans and Others to a disastrous climax. The fight between the bad humans and the Others turns into war in this book. (more…)

“Storm Front” Rolls in, With a Chance of Magic

6219313Storm Front by Jim Butcher
ROC: April 1, 2000
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Free From Library

I’d go there again!

You’re a wizard, Harry. Wait, wrong wizard.

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a wizard PI who’s tight on cash and low on cases. This Harry is not a graduate of Hogwarts.



Harry is summoned to the scene of a murder as part of his consulting gig for Chicago P.D. Considering the fact that Harry advertises the fact that he is a wizard, it’s pretty much a sure bet that the murder is of a unusual nature. Soon Harry is neck deep in mob bosses, missing persons, magic and frog demons. This consulting case turns out to not be the easy money that Harry initially anticipated. (more…)

“Revenge and the Wild”: Western Adventure Falls Flat

21843165Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto
Balzer + Bra: February 2, 2016
Genre: Western; Steampunk
Source: Free From Publisher

The view was nice, but the food was bad.

Revenge and the Wild had a really awesome premise: girl tracks down the cannibals that ate her family. And, it’s also a Western for teens. I’ve been seeing a few Western style YA books out there recently (i.e Vengeance Road, Wake of Vultures etc.), but Revenge and the Wild is the first that I’ve read. There were elements of Revenge and the Wild that I liked, but as a whole I found that there was something lacking.

Westie is seventeen years old and as a child she lost her arm when cannibals attacked her family. Westie was the only survivor. Now as a young woman, Westie continues to search for these cannibals only to discover that they have actually come to her. Her guardian, Nigel, has invented a machine that will amplify the magic in the area, protecting the Native population that live near as well as the magical creatures that share the town with the humans. When a wealthy family comes to town to invest in Nigel’s machine, Westie recognizes them as the cannibals that killed her family. Of course, Nigel (and everyone else) is reluctant to believe that the folks with money are the bad guys, after all, they need the investment. But, Westie refuses to back down on her suspicions and when a few folks wind up dead, it goes a long way to convincing the naysayers. (more…)

An Oldie, But New to Me: “Magic Bites”

38619Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
Ace: April 1, 2007
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Review Source: Free from library.

Beach Vacation

I’ve heard good things about Ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniels series for years. My sister is a huge fan of this series and is always asking me to find her more books like this one. Considering that I’ve never read any books in this series, this was a bit of a challenge. Sigh. When you work at a library, your family members never actually come to the library and check out books. No, they expect you to do this for them and magically figure exactly what they want to read. Anyways, I picked up the first book in the Kate Daniels’ series, Magic Bites, in the effort to understand the appeal. I don’t read a lot of urban fantasy, so it’s a genre I’m not super familiar with. The end result of this experiment, well, lets just say that I’m reading book two as soon as I finish this review. (more…)

Duel Review: “City of Light”

25420415City of Light by Keri Arthur
Signet: January 5, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Free from publisher

We often agree in our assessment of books, as our reviews of  Tower of ThornsI Spy a Duke, and Uprooted show. This time, we disagreed. Stacey loved it; Jaclyn barely finished it. We all know reading experience is personal, a relationship forged between author and reader.

Read on to find out what we loved and what we didn’t. Hit the comments and let us know how you feel about it.

The Book…

In a world still recovering from a war between shifters and humans, Tiger is alone. As a déchet, a creature created by humans to balance the field against the shifters, she alone remains among her kind. Despised or hunted by all races: shifters, humans, and vampires, she hides in a destroyed bunker with the ghosts of her past. Until the night she leaves her bunker on a supplies-gathering mission and hears the cry of a child. Unable to ignore the cries and leave the child, Penny, for the vampires to eat, she unwittingly becomes entangled in an attempt to save other kidnapped children like Penny. Penny’s uncle Jonas, a full shifter, and a woman named Nuri, are investigating the disappearances of these children, and need Tiger’s specialized skills to succeed.


Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 35

Just straight-up news from around the bookosphere today:

There’s a post on Book Riot by a woman who hasn’t read a book by a man since 2013. What do you think?

Author Adam Nevill explains why he chose to write about the pre-apocalypse in Lost GirlIt’s about #sciencefictionnotfiction being really horrible, depressing, and dystopian instead of intergalactic and space-operatic.

Get ready for Halloween by reading about five of the scariest vampires in literature. Or, just read the article in the previous link.

More in “Halloween”: Scary book art.

A 400-year-old Spanish Church re-emerges from a reservoir in Mexico.

CBC Books shares five powerful (and even more so given their brevity) poems by Rupi Kaur.

‘Vision in Silver’ treads familiar but entertaining ground

21457243Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop
Penguin Group / Signet Romance: March 3rd, 2015 (Urban Fantasy)*

Beach vacation vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

As a long-time fan of Anne Bishop – beginning with her Black Jewels trilogy and continuing through her Tir Alainn and, well, just about everything else she’s written – my reaction to each of the books in The Others series has been quite unpredictable. I loved the first book, Written in Red. The introduction of the world, uneasily balanced between humans and the Others who came before; Meg, the naive and uncertain heroine who has so much to learn about herself and the world; Simon, drawn to Meg and the progress she represents and at the same time, concerned about how he is changing in response to her.


Solid addition to a favourite series: “Vision in Silver”

21457243Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop
Roc: March 3, 2015 (Urban Fantasy)*

I’d go there again! vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

The Others looked at humans and did not see conquerors. They saw a new kind of meat. (p. 6)

Vision in Silver is Bishop’s third installment in The Others series and it continues to impress. I’ve been hooked on this series since book one, Written in Red and Vision in Silver continues to delve into the complex world of the Lakeside Complex and shows how the new way of life that they have adopted has repercussions for both those within the complex and those observing it.

In the third book the focus is mainly on the development of larger story arc of the humans trying to create bad press for the terra indigene, which only serves to anger the very powerful beings. Due to the plot-heavy nature of this installment, I didn’t find the character development to be as strong as it was in the previous books. In particular, Meg and Simon seem to have stagnated a bit as characters. The development of the larger conflict is essential and the fact that the terra indigene have to make some decisions was compelling, but I can’t help but miss my favourite characters just a bit. (more…)

Uncomfortable World Building in “Of Silk and Steam”

18667312Of Silk and Steam by Bec McMaster (London Steampunk #5)
Sourcebooks Casablanca: March 3, 2015 (Steampunk Romance)*

Beach vacation vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

Of Silk and Steam is the fifth installment of Bec McMaster’s steampunk series. Once again readers are plunged into the intrigue of the Echelon, this time when it’s on the brink of revolution. Leo Barrons has been working steadily to eventually usurp the prince regent and it seems that his plans are going to reach fruition much sooner than he would have liked. It doesn’t help that he’s distracted by Lady Aramina who finally seems to be responding to his years of overtures.

Lady Aramina is one of the only female blue bloods, and she’s the only one that sits on the council. Because of her precarious position she has always had to hold herself aloof. Mina has also needed to keep her feelings in check to protect her best friend, the Queen. Secretly, Mina and the Queen have also been plotting against the cruel Prince Regent, having no idea that there were others moving against the Prince. Mina’s plan is thrown way off course when Barrons starts dogging her steps and Mina starts to wonder if there is someone that she can actually trust. (more…)