a problematic romance in The Fire Seer

22553346The Fire Seer by Amy Raby
Amy Raby: August 25th, 2014 (Fantasy Romance)*

False start (could not finish)**

The first thing that struck me about this book is: short riding pants?? I’m not much of a horseback rider, but that just seems scratchily uncomfortable.

My feelings hardly changed throughout the portion that I did read (I did not finish). Some phrasing was awkward, as in the instance of “five fingers,” which seemed a bit repetitive, since “fingers” implies all of them, does it not? Usually numbered fingers equal fewer than five. “Indignance” is not a word. [pause for double-check] Okay, apparently it is, but it’s archaic, and “indignation” would make more sense to more readers, I think. But those were the little things.

The really big deals I could not get over, the things that made me decide not to finish this book, are: the main character Taya, and the relationship between the Taya and the “hero,” Mandir.