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Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 41

The long holiday weekend is over (for some of us), and we’re back to work, so here’s a short list of bookish news to help with that.

The folks over at Book Riot share the best books they read in November. Some genre books appear, like The Builders (see our review), Black Wolves, Radiance, and Cold-Hearted Rake.

Another voice in the debate raging in the United States about coddling vs. creating safe spaces for students. This time from Canada.

The New York Times posts its list of 100 Notable Books of 2015. Where do December books get listed?

From Buzzfeed UK: Anatomy of a Bookworm. No doubt many of you will find some of the parts familiar.

Time to listen? Here’s the story behind Keep Calm and Carry On.

Fantasy Faction has a new blog post series about the battle between science and magic.