The Mark of the Tala – a marked disappointment

talaThe Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy
Kensington, June 2014 (Romantic Fantasy)*

My rating:  The plane was delayed, the luggage lost, and the museums closed (1/5)

I only finished this book because I wanted to find out how the romance between the star-crossed lovers evolved. Throughout the whole, I spent much of it skimming. In the end, I could not like this book. The writing, the plotting, and the pacing all fell short of my expectations.

It starts off a bit awkwardly – with the three beautiful princesses, each more beautiful than the last. I would expect this kind of element in a story based on the fairy/folktale traditions, but given that this one wasn’t, it didn’t really fit.

This first installment of course focuses on the middle child, Andi, who is supposed to be lacking in some way, always overlooked (the first is the future ruler, the smart one, the politically-minded one; the third is the most beautiful, and the most frivolous). Each of the three is a daughter of a woman from across a magical barrier – a woman from a shapeshifting people, the Tala. (more…)