Regency England

Intrigue, Mystery & Spies in “London Gambit”

29095138London Gambit: Tracy Grant
NYLA: May 5, 2016
Genre: Historical Mystery
Source: Free From Publisher

I’d go there again!

London Gambit is Tracy Grant’s latest Suzanne and Malcolm Rannoch historical adventure. In this outing, Suzanne and Malcolm are investigating a number of things. First, Malcolm is called to the scene of the murder, only to discover that the man found dead is a former military man and found in a warehouse connected with a previous investigation. Second, Suzanne learns of potential plot to free Napoleon, which could put her and her family at risk, considering that she is a former French spy. And if that wasn’t enough, it seems that the murder just might hit closer to home than Malcolm originally thought when a personal friend seems to be keeping secrets. Luckily, Malcolm and Suzanne have their trusted (and unofficial) band of investigators to help them discover the truth. (more…)


Revenge is a dish best served…sweet???

9562557Sweet Revenge by Andrea Penrose
Signet: April 5, 2011 (Historical Mystery)

Beach Vacation vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

Lady Arianna Hadley has been exiled in the Caribbean for years due to her father’s disgrace. When he father is murdered Arianna vows to get revenge. Years later Arianna is finally in the position to exact her revenge and disguises herself as a male chef in an English household. However, when the Prince Regent falls ill after eating from her table, Arianna finds herself under suspicion, bringing her plans for revenge to a halt.

The half-Spanish Earl of Saybrook, Alessandro De Quincy, is called in to investigate the apparent poisoning by chocolate of the Prince Regent due to Saybrook’s his eccentric interest in all things chocolate. Saybrook not only discovers that the accused chef is a woman, but also that she has a target on her back. These reluctant partners have to work together if they hope to discover who truly has it out for the Prince Regent, and it just might coincide with Arianna’s revenge. (more…)

“Death Comes to London” and so do our investigators

20949499Death Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd (Kurland St. Mary Mystery #2)
Kensington, November 25, 2014 (Historical Mystery)*

My rating: Beach vacation vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

Death Comes to London is the follow up to Death Comes to the Village, featuring the detective skills of amateur sleuths Major Robert Kurland and Miss Lucy Harrington. In this second installment Lucy has been able to make her way to London for the season that she’s always wanted. She hopes to find a husband and finally gain independence from her family. Unfortunately, murder trumps husband hunting. Such is life.

The Major also finds himself in London, albeit reluctantly, after being summoned by the Prince Regent to be given a baronetcy. Kurland is none to happy that it is Miss Harrington who is responsible for bringing him to the attention of the Prince, and he’s ready to give her a piece of his mind, until murder forces him to consider more important matters.

When the dowager Countess of Broughton drops dead at a ball, Kurland and Miss Harrington suspect murder, and the more questions they ask the more they are convinced that a family member is the culprit. But is it the unhappy and unstable younger son or someone else entirely? (more…)

A Switch of Roles in If Wishes Were Earls

if wishes were earlsIf Wishes Were Earls by Elizabeth Boyle
December 31, 2013, Avon (Historical Romance)

My rating: Vacation by the beach

I’ve been in need of a historical romance break for a little while now, and so in a departure from my more usual science fiction/fantasy reviews, this post is about a fun, light Regency romance that has a dash of mystery and crime in it.

Harriet “Harry” Hathaway is one of three young friends from Kempton, a village with a curse – involving old maids and the peculiar dangers of marrying a Kempton woman. This is the third in a series about these young ladies, and although I skipped the second, I enjoyed the first. Harry, our main character, has known Lord Roxley since he moved to the neighborhood when he was eleven to live with his aunts. She is the youngest of five children, and the only girl – so when young Roxley meets her for the first time, she’s dressed in boys’ clothing. As a young adult, she’s been trained in comportment, etiquette, and all the rest – so she no longer wears pants – but she still puts her foot in her mouth, defends her own honor, and – my favorite – seduces Roxley. (more…)