old-fashioned fantasy

Patricia Briggs writes straight-up, old-fashioned fantasy in Raven’s Shadow

ravenRaven’s Shadow by Patricia Briggs
Ace, July 27th, 2004 (Fantasy)

My rating: Outstanding adventure!

From Briggs, one of my favorite authors of paranormal romantic fantasy a la Mercy Thompson, an incredible classic fantasy starring a family of individuals with unique strengths.

This novel opens with the first meeting between Tier, battle-weary soldier, and Seraph, young sorceress from a clan of wanderers. Tier finds her at the mercy of a village who have just burned her brother for being a Traveler – the common name for people of the clans. Seraph is a Raven, sworn to protect non-Travelers and Travelers alike from an ancient evil.

Part Two opens twenty years later, and Tier and Seraph have raised an unusually talented family on their farm. Every one of them belongs to an Order. That is, they each have a different set of magical abilities. On this day, Tier has gone missing, and Seraph and her children set out to rescue him.