Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 25

I absolutely love afternoon tea, and the English do it so well. To inspire you (and celebrate the custom), the British Museum showcases beautiful teapots from around the world. I’ll need one for my desk at work…

Book Riot recently posted a calculator that will tell you how long it will take you to read your TBR pile. How long will it take you to read yours?

I learned recently that scientists consider Henry VIII may have had a blood group anomaly – causing him to turn from a generous, handsome young man into a tyrannical, overweight, and nearly childless king.

Go walk in nature. It will do your brain good.

A Mad Lib for banning books, or “ideas not your own.”

Serious about reading? Here’s a list of five common reading mistakes that may ruin the experience of reading.

The Book Smugglers have awesome books listed on their Radar this week (and I’m just judging them by their covers, so far).

That’s all for this week! Check back next week for more fiction-related (and not-so-related) news links.

“Carousel Seas” – In Which the Pace Matches Maine Life

carouselseasCarousel Seas by Sharon Lee
Baen: January 6, 2015 (Fantasy)*

The view was nice, but the food was bad vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

Over the course of this trilogy, I have felt less and less satisfied with the details of life in a small Maine town, working a carousel at an amusement park, and getting along with all the natives, in human and other forms. This is not the fault of the story, of the details themselves, but belongs more to the pacing of the novel. This month, I appear to be looking for more fast-paced books with more action in them, and less description. The plot moves along so slowly that it doesn’t grab my attention. A note here: the pacing adds another dimension to the setting, since it reflects a slower pace of life. The language, too, is very “Maine,” and I think these added features really do help to bring the setting to life.