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Trailer Park Fae – Dark and Delightful Urban Fantasy

trailer park faeTrailer Park Fae by Lilith Saintcrow
Orbit Books, June 23rd (Urban Fantasy)

I’d go there again!
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Trailer Park Fae is one of the few books I’ve purchased recently at full price. I have a scale of preference when it comes to buying books, and buying them full-price is at the bottom. I don’t regret it! This may never make it to my “keep permanently” shelf, but it’s definitely on my “keep for now” shelf.

As a member of the urban fantasy club, this book fits in really well. The atmosphere is gritty, the characters troubled, the different species in conflict, and the intrigues tangled. Oh, and there’s a hint of romance.



Too Much Going on in “Oathbreaker’s Shadow”

oathbreakersshadowOathbreaker’s Shadow by Amy McCullouch
Random House Children’s Publishers (UK): June 2013

The plane was delayed, the luggage lost, and the museums closed vintagesuitcase3vintagesuitcase3

In the beginning, I thought I would like this one. I guess it always starts out that way, doesn’t it? Because unless you were coerced, bribed, or manipulated into reading a particular book, if you didn’t think you’d like it, well, you probably wouldn’t crack the cover, would you?

My overarching impression of this book is one of size and pieces. The scope, the setting, the plot … they’re all really big. Too big, I think, for the writing. Lots of disparate pieces never came together in this. In order to set the stage, the description of the environment and the culture meant that the story took a very long time to get going. The story felt split into multiple parts, with the first describing the main character Raim’s childhood and his place within society. While the plot relied on Raim unintentionally breaking a promise symbolized in a piece of string wrapped around his wrist since childhood, it takes almost half the book to get to the promise-breaking point. The second half felt like taking the scenic route to another city that could have been the setting of its own book. Instead, it played a cameo role that felt displaced from the rest of the story.


Prepare to be Charmed by Charming

charming Charming by Elliott James
Published by Orbit: September, 2013 (Urban Fantasy)

My Rating: Outstanding Adventure!

John Charming is half werewolf, half Knight Templar. During a supernaturally long lifespan, he has been a knight-in-training, an orphan, a despised werewolf, and a fugitive (from the same knights who raised  and trained him). He’s become apathetic about his life, tending bar in a small town in Appalachia, when a vampire and a blonde walk into his bar. That’s how it starts, and it doesn’t end until he’s been co-opted into a band of vampire hunters, nearly killed at least twice, stalked and ambushed, and visited by his fiancee’s ghost.

The action never stops, with tension, distrust, and attraction between the main characters; a sociopathic teenage vampire with delusions of world domination and a hatred of everyone; and jealousy among the vampire hunting cohort. Which doesn’t stop at turning green, but involves some ambushing and hand-to-hand combat, among other exciting things.