Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 42

Welcome to the new week! Without further ado…

Six Harvard professors gush about their favorite things, including the Gutenberg Bible and a book given to David Carrasco by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Bookish wrapping papers for holiday gifts.

This little Irish island elects its own king. The story reminds me a bit of Juliet Marillier’s novels about¬†prehistoric Ireland.

Readers’ Choice: Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2015, from Tor. I’ve read one of them – at least seven are on my to-read list.

Stonehenge’s bluestones came from… Wales?


And, from the long-lost Department of Random, Wildlife Conservation Division:

How floating nests may help save pelicans. Is this solution applicable to polar bears?

And, Jane Goodall takes Republicans to task for their efforts to sabotage the Paris climate change talks. The article goes into detail about Republican vs. Democratic positions on climate change, and the likely outcomes of such efforts.