Ilona Andrews

Gunmetal Magic has guns, shapeshifters, and romance

12288282Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
Ace: July 31, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Source: Free from Library

I’d go there again!

It’s strange and interesting to read about Kate through different eyes, and to get into her best friend Andrea’s head. Andrea has her own voice, apparent from the very first page with her enthusiasm and expert knowledge about everything guns and weapons.

Andrea is a fun heroine, and a good match for Kate. She struggles with her past, with her feelings for Raphael, and with the bouda clan. Her determination for independence wars with her desire to save others. As beastkin instead of a shapeshifter, as a former Knight of the Order dismissed because she’s not human, she struggles to find a place where she belongs.

The big plot is very similar to the plots in the Kate Daniels books. An ancient Egyptian god decides now is an opportune moment to take back his power and become a god again in thousands of followers’ eyes. Another god opposes him and hatches his own schemes for world domination. As Andrea and Raphael, her estranged mate and the alpha male of the bouda clan, investigate the murder of several of Raphael’s metal reclamation employees, they uncover both gods’ plans and endanger themselves trying to prevent the slavery of thousands of people by said gods. (more…)