find your next adventure

Online tools to help you plan your next book adventure

magnifying glassIf you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble finding your next reading adventure. That’s what we’re all about here at The Book Adventures – making it easier for our readers and fellow adventurers to find new books! To that end, I have that series you might be familiar with, where I list free and cheap online reading outlets, and snippets of works that authors put on their websites. This post is related to that: I list online resources that will help you select your next read.

We’ll start with Books Set In, a site that connects books based on their setting. Search for the location of your upcoming vacation, or a place you want to visit but haven’t been able to yet, and scroll through the lists of books that will take you there without ever leaving your cozy armchair. It’s not exact, and sometimes irrelevant books show up first, but it’s a great way to introduce new novels based on geography. (more…)