Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 21

Happy Fourth of July, American readers! Happy Canada Day, Canadian readers!

We hope you had an excellent weekend, filled with sun, family, and barbecued food… and also books, of course.

Barack Obama will elect the first new Librarian of Congress since 1987. It’s actually more controversial than you might think. Who’s next? How about an actual librarian?

The Bodleian, as part of their #geniusoftheweek campaign, made John Smith’s map of Virginia browsable to celebrate the Fourth of July.

In literary (as opposed to patriotic) celebrations, today is Alice Day: the day when the English-speaking world celebrates the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. In recognition, CBC recently aired a few radio stories on the book’s appeal.

According to Book Riot, female characters are often way more interesting (and powerful) in their books than in their movie/screen adaptations. They list five female characters who are way more awesome in books. Oddly, Bella Swan from Twilight makes the cut.

The different kinds of curses in speculative fiction.

It’s long, but here’s an interesting piece from the Guardian on how Dune changed the world.

A comic strip about geek girls, dating, and love. One contributor? Margaret Atwood. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.


From the Department of Random, Fashion Team:

Fashion and feminism in 18th century England, from Ephemeral Elegance. The focus is on riding habits. The blog has a lot of images of beautiful historical clothing. The amount of fabric women used to wear…

Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 14

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Did you notice? This week, our links focus on women. 

CBC Books celebrated with a list of 12 Canadian women writers “you need to read.”

Tor.com has a guest post by none other than Kate Elliott (!) on how to write women characters as human beings in genre fiction. (I’m still making my way thoughtfully through her amazing and wonderful The Very Best of Kate Elliott, which has some great examples of women as human beings.)

Susan Sontag on books in a letter she wrote to Jorge Luis Borges on the 10th anniversary of his death. From Maria Popova at Brain Pickings.

Again from Maria Popova, Pearl S. Buck, the youngest woman winner of the Nobel prize for literature, on creativity.

Emma Watson’s Q&A on HeForShe.

Huffington Post UK has collected trending news about women. Including the only female Football Association president in the world: Isha Johansen from Sierra Leone.

HuffPost UK also has a list of 15 books every woman should read. While I don’t entirely like the idea of books only women should read (why shouldn’t men? See reference to HeForShe above), it might be interesting and is certainly thematically appropriate.

A 17th-century song about a woman who dressed like a man to become a soldier and sailed to Iceland to fight.

Lastly, I feel the need to repeat a link, given this week’s theme and the awesomeness of the content: Some of my favorite heroines EVER are on this list of Science Fiction/Fantasy heroines you ought to know, from BookRiot.

And, from the Department of Random, Local Division

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