Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 17

Today’s edition is probably the most random issue yet.

Want to see what your historical romance heroines wore? You can explore historical fashion, including early 19th century dresses, from the MoMu fashion Museum in Antwerp online on Europeana.

Are you a grammar or linguistics fan? Read about the man who removed 47,000 wrongful instances of “comprised of” on Wikipedia.

For fans of history and psychiatry, here’s a CBC radio episode about nutty “scientists” and their practices.

If you read, or want to try reading, M/M romance, Book Riot has a list of five authors to get you started.

I don’t believe in “should-reads” – I believe in reading books I want to read, instead of books touted to be important for “everyone” to read… but if you like them, or if you’re looking for more books to read, head over to Business Insider, which has compiled a list based on, of all things, Reddit recommendations… (link thanks to Book Riot)

– WARNING: Out of 35 titles listed, only THREE are by women authors. This is a perfect example of why I don’t believe in “should-read” lists. Different books will resonate with different people, and creating a list for “everyone” actually excludes the experiences and perspectives of a lot of people. Most of these authors are some combination of white, Western, and male.

– Instead, I would recommend perusing the We Need Diverse Books Tumblr blog, or their list of places to find diverse books, or even any of the Goodreads lists of diverse books. Know of any others? Feel free to share in the comments!

Coloring books are (finally) in style for adults. And apparently it’s a soothing activity with de-stressing abilities.