Christmas Special: Bookish Decorations

Hello! Our Christmas Special returns – this time with ideas for bookish decorations. There’s still a bit of time left to decorate, so we hope these images and posts will inspire you!


1. Bookish Ornament from What have I done now? Looks like a fun and easy way to add some bookish fun to your Christmas tree.

2. Christmas Wrapping. Not really a decoration, but these wrapping ideas from Book Riot would look beautiful under the tree. Added bonus -repurpose those copies of books you loathed.


3. Sparkly Snowflakes. These snowflakes might be a little ambitious for me, but for the really crafty folks, these snowflakes from House Revivals would be a lovely addition around the house.

4. Book Garland. On a budget? Have lots of old books? Ornaments, garlands, and more from Alisa Burke. Here’s another garland from Natalie Bradley. Do the whole house in a bookish style.

5. Snowflake Picture Frame. Love this idea for a nice winter scene from A place 2 call home. Scroll a bit for the instructions.



And that wraps up this Christmas Special! Try out one or more if you’re feeling crafty. Comment below with your success stories and tips.


Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 23

This week’s list is slightly more random than most…

A hilarious sketch about the pitch for PBS’ Wishbone.

In archaeology news, a shipwreck was accidentally discovered off North Carolina.


This might make a good based-on-a-true story: Two brothers search for the remains of 57 Irish immigrants who disappeared in Pennsylvania while working on the railroad. One of them, Catherine Burns, will be reburied in her hometown in Ireland.

CBC lists 12 Canadian writers to watch (read?) in 2015.

Writer, founder, and editor of Urban Native Magazine, Lisa Charleyboy, shares her top three indigenous summer reads. None of them are any of the genres we review here, but if you’re looking for something different…

If you’re crafty, have a few old books you no longer want, and don’t care about “ruining” books, PopSugar has some clever ideas for transforming old books in to pretty things.

*After this post was published, I learned that the United States is actually more dangerous than South Africa, with more attacks and more fatalities. So, I’ll need to more closely examine the beaches I want to surf…