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WWI Romance in “Not By Sight”

23411528Not By Sight by Kate Breslin
Bethany House: August 4, 2015 (Historical Fiction; Christian Fiction)*

Beach Vacation

“When bad things occur, it’s the devil working to shake our belief. We have to look to our hearts for the truth and not at what the world does. ‘We live by faith, not by sight’”.

Not By Sight caught my attention because of its WWI connection – it’s a period in history that fascinates me endlessly. In general, I tend to say away from Christian Fiction recognizing that it’s just not my thing – I get why it’s popular but it tends to be too sweet and the faith element is not subtle enough for my taste. That said, Not By Sight pleasantly surprised me. The historical details were great, the plot was exciting and the religious element was not overpowering.  (more…)