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Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 20

Dreamstrider, a story completely unrelated (as far as I can tell) to Cinderella, has a gorgeous cover that reminds me of two familiar children’s books, both beautifully illustrated cinderella stories: Cinderella, and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, an African cinderella story. So of course, I had to immediately look up different cinderella versions from around the world. Eden Valley Enterprises, a random source (thanks Google), has a list of these international cinderella stories with some background information about each. Perhaps globalization isn’t that recent, after all?

There are lots of really interesting books on this Book Smuggler’s April edition of On the Radar.

Wondering where to read those German medieval manuscripts? They’re on e-codices.

Book Riot has a list of “read this, not that” for history lovers. Some of them All of them, especially Women, Armies, and Warfare in Early Modern Europe and The Classic Slave Narratives are going on my TBR list, immediately.

I recently wondered about The Indian in the Cupboard. Would it disappoint me with stereotypical, racist, patronizing portrayals of Native Americans? Looks like, yes.

From the Department of Random, Sports Division:

Have you been watching the Women’s World Cup? In last Friday’s US v. China game, the US played their best soccer yet… here’s hoping they continue to improve in the semi-finals against Germany on Tuesday.

And this is sad: Discovery Channel grabs rights to Olympics in Europe (starting 2018) and UK (starting 2022). I was just remembering the happy days of watching just about every competition online for free from the CBC …