children’s fantasy

Crowning “The False Prince”

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen
Scholastic: April 1, 2012
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Source: Free From Library

Beach Vacation

The False Prince is a bit of a departure from what I normally read. It’s children’s fantasy and I usually stick to YA or adult reads. However, with a new job in the children’s department of the library comes new forays into fiction reading.

Sage is an orphan and has been “rescued” from his sad life by nobleman, Connor. Along with two other boys, Sage will have to compete for the right to be crowned Prince Jaron, long thought to be dead. The royal family of Carthya has been murdered and Connor plans to fill that power vacuum with a prince that he can control. In choosing one of the three orphans he has selected, Connor plans to crown one as the lost Prince Jaron. Unlike the two other boys, Sage is not inclined to play by Connor’s rules even if it means that he will be crowned king. (more…)