Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 31

We seem to have transferred from A/C to heat this morning… and I never expected to be hot in the office, but here I am… sweltering.

This cheered me up: Magic Wheelchair is a company that creates Halloween costumes around children’s wheelchairs. Check out Toothless!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (how did that even become a thing?) just happened. DPLA – the Digital Public Library of America – shares a pirate, buccaneer and freebooter map that definitely qualifies as eye candy. Click the thumbnail to see a bigger image on the source site.

In preparation for the Pope’s first visit to the U.S., the Washington Post has created an illustrated history of popemobiles that is guaranteed to waste your time. Or, well, mine.

New York Public Library is welcoming autumn with a selection of essays curated by their staff.

BookRiot has an essay on assuming book characters are white unless specifically told otherwise. Part of their observance of #BlackOutDay

The National Library of Scotland is going to put one-third of its collections online!

For more eye candy, check out NASA’s astronomy picture of the day.

Check back next week for the next round-up!