The Scribe – romantic urban fantasy set in Istanbul

scribeThe Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter

Published in Darkly Dreaming: A Five Book Fantasy Romance Anthology, 2014 (Fantasy Romance)*

My Rating: The view was okay, but the food was bad (2.5-3/5)

The Scribe not a terribly unique urban fantasy – fallen angels, descendants of angels, true mates, Chosen One heroines that don’t fit the mold, and the battle between good and evil are all common symptoms of the genre. At times, I enjoyed it. Most of the action takes place in Istanbul, which adds an exotic flavor.

Ava Matheson has an interesting history. All her life, she’s heard a foreign language in her head. The words underlie spoken words in the people around her. Believing she is crazy, she’s been to therapists regularly. No one can determine what causes it, or how to fix it. Until one day in Istanbul, she hears a single voice that stands out among all the others. She confronts the strange owner of the voice, who has been following her. Malachi, said owner, knows something is different about Ava, because she has other followers – descendants of fallen angels, mortal (immortal?) enemies of his own people. As mysterious events swirl around the pair, they do their own dance of getting to know each other, resisting the pull of attraction…  (more…)


A tale of Heaven and Hell in ‘Covenant’

covenantCovenant by Sabrina Benulis
Harper Voyager, April 1st, 2014 (Urban/Paranormal Fantasy)*

My rating: Meh. Liked the place, but the food was bad.

Covenant is the second installment in a series about a young woman, the subject of a prophecy that foretells the end of the world. In the prophecy, she is an unknown redheaded person whose destiny will manifest as either the Archon, or the Ruin (unsurprisingly, if she’s the Ruin, the world ends). But Angela Mathers is also just a young girl. She lives on an island isolated from the rest of the world, in a sunless city called Luz. There, she attends school with her best friend, Sophie, and other redheaded children, who have all been exiled to the island so the Powers That Be (that is, the human ones) can keep an eye on them, find out who the Archon is, and kill her. The school is recovering from the devastating events of the last book. Angela and Sophie try to put off destiny, but at the Christmas Ball it comes calling – one of the redheads has brought his sister (Angela’s friend) back from the dead, and Sophie is kidnapped in the confusion that follows. Angela begins a quest through the labyrinth of the underworld in order to retrieve her, and in the process faces danger and betrayal.

This book felt like a loosely woven sweater, with pulled threads peeking out everywhere, and holes in places. (more…)