Another Amish Mystery: “Among the Wicked”

Among the Wicked by Linda Castillo
Minotaur Books: July 12th, 2016
Genre: Mystery
Source: Free From Publisher

I’d go there again!

Among the Wicked is the eighth book in Castillo’s suspenseful and dark Kate Burkholder mystery series. I first discovered the series on audiobook and binged through the entire series. After the events of book seven, I was anxious to get my hands on book eight. And while I continue to enjoy the series, I was somewhat disappointed with the book with regards to Kate’s character development. It was a great book, but not my favourite in the series.

In Among the Wicked Kate is asked to go undercover in an Amish community where a suspicious death is discovered. A young woman froze to death and no one in the community is talking about what led to the death, and then there’s the reports of child abuse that are making their way to the police’s ears. So, Kate, a former member of the Amish community, is recruited to assit. Kate’s background makes her a perfect candidate for the undercover roll; she understands the Amish community and she has a commitment to discovering the truth behind the young woman’s death. Despite the misgivings of her partner, Tomasetti, Kate decides the going undercover is something that she has to go. Kate is nothing if she’s not dedicated to protecting the vulnerable. Soon Kate is immersed in her role as a widow in the reclusive community; however, her questions soon stir up more trouble than Kate anticipated. (more…)

Hooked on a New Mystery Series: “Sworn to Silence”

6115138Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo
Minotaur Books: June 23, 2009 (Mystery)

I’d go there again!

I’ve been in desperate need of a new audiobook series to get me through my long, boring morning commute. After a few false starts – why is it so difficult to get some books on audio? – I finally found a winner.

Sworn to Silence is Castillo’s first mystery in her Kate Burkholder series, featuring an ex-Amish woman who is the Chief of Police in her hometown of Painter’s Mill.

Kate Burkholder may have grown up Amish but she’s been out of that life since she turned eighteen and she’s no stranger to violence. At fourteen, Kate was raped and subsequently killed her attacker. Because Kate’s rape and her crime of murder was considered an Amish matter, the body was hidden and Kate has never revealed what happened all those years ago. At the time of Kate’s attack there was a serial murderer hunting in the surrounding area and Kate has always thought that by killing her attacker, she stopped the murderer from hurting more women. Now sixteen years late it seems that the serial killer is back. Is the man that she thought she killed still alive? And if he is, is Kate going to have to reveal her past actions? (more…)