Our goal at The Book Adventures is to make it as easy as possible for our readers to keep on reading the books you really enjoy. Some of our features are specifically designed to connect, arrange, see, and think about books in different ways to maximize serendipitous reading.


In which we review a book that was published before 2000.

Duel Reviews:

In these posts, we’ll battle it out to express opposing viewpoints about a particular book that we’ve both read and reviewed.


Posts that delve into a particular genre, including common themes and elements of books that fall in the genre, and variations among sub-genres.


What we plan to read: A list of five books we can’t wait to read, and what is so exciting about them.

Joint Reviews:

Where we each read the same book and review it together, comparing notes and sharing thoughts.

Reader’s Maps:

We take readers’ advisory to the next level by designing digital maps of books that are alike in various ways.

Reading Lists:

Lists that help you find your next great read, favorite author, new genre. Want more? Tell us what you’d like to see!

Top Ten:

A feature in which we read and provide short synopses and reviews for 10 books that have something in common. Each post has to have a different common element, so there are going to be some interesting groups!

Traveling with Books:

In which we travel and adventure, and take books along with us. Find reader’s guides to different parts of the world, reviews of books we’ve read while adventuring, and itineraries of books we want to read on our travels.

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