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Here at the Book Adventures, we think every book is an adventure, and every adventure deserves a book. Our favorite part about reading and reviewing books on this blog is the opportunity we have to lead readers to similar books. If you enjoy any of the books we’ve reviewed, we encourage you to scroll to the end of each post, where you’ll find links to similar books and brief descriptions about why they’re similar.

We love traveling, and we incorporate traveling, adventuring, and ‘guides’ into as much of our content as we can. That’s why in addition to our newest featured category, Traveling with Books, you’ll find Itineraries, Reader’s Maps, and Reading Lists – all designed to show readers different paths through all the excellent genre fiction out there.

If you have a moment and like what you see, disagree with our opinions, or have a suggestion, feel free to write us a comment – we love hearing from our readers! We especially love hearing about other books we may not have considered, or haven’t read – so if you don’t see a recommendation you think should be listed, let us know! Please remember to keep comments safe, kind, and socially acceptable, – we do not approve any comments that don’t meet our criteria.

As librarians, we understand the value of the library, and take advantage of it! Some of the books we read and review on this site have been borrowed from the library or, occasionally, purchased by either of us. On the other hand, we receive many of the books we review for this blog from the publishers. When this is the case, we have noted it in the review posts.



Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Goodreads.

An avid reader for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to talk to books with anyone that will listen. This has translated into a trip to grad school to become a librarian, and where I met people like Stacey, who also likes to talk books. Today, I work in a public library in Ontario, Canada where I live for the moment when someone asks me for a good book recommendation.

What I read varies greatly depending on the mood I’m in and I usually give anything a shot at becoming one of my beloved genres. I have earned the title of “the one who reads the most” at work (no small feat when you work at a library) and love to share what I’m reading and make connections to similar titles. At the moment, my favourite genres are: science fiction and fantasy, young adult, steampunk, and historical romance. I’m always on the lookout for a new favourite author or genre to exhaust!



Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Goodreads.

A nomad, I’ve read books in many different countries, although the genres never really change! I began traveling in part because of the adventure and fantasy stories I read as a child. Experiencing different cultures has always been high on my life’s To-Do list. I grew up in Northern Virginia, and studied in Scotland, Italy, and Canada before returning to the Washington, D.C. area.

As a trained librarian, I have even more reason to share my love of books and reading with a wider audience. Jaclyn and I discovered our shared reading tastes in graduate school, and have been swapping recommendations and reviews ever since!

My reading tastes are firmly grounded in science fiction and fantasy, although I also enjoy lots of historical fiction, historical romance, and mystery novels. Occasionally I venture out of my comfort zone to read science (not fiction), and history and biographies of admirable, strong women. My most basic story requirements can be narrowed down to: a lot of adventure and a little bit of romance. I have appreciated serious literature in the past, but I rarely read it for pleasure.



  1. I couldn’t find your contact information, so I thought I’d try reaching you here. My name is Sarah Beard, and I am a young adult author published by Cedar Fort/Sweetwater Books. My contemporary romance Porcelain Keys will hit the shelves February 11, 2014. Would you be interested in being part of the blog tour in February 2014?

    I would be happy to provide you with an eARC of Porcelain Keys for your review. You can read the blurb and see the cover on my website at sarahbeard(dot)com or on Goodreads. If you’re interested in participating in the blog tour, just shoot me an email at sarahbeard1(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Sarah Beard

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Apologies for the very late response to your comment. Both Stacey and I have been swamped in our personal lives, and at this time, are not able to accept your offer to be part of a blog tour. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, and your invitation.


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