Unquiet Land by Sharon Shinn

28953458Unquiet Land by Sharon Shinn
Ace: November 1, 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Free from NetGalley

I’d go there again!


If you’ve been reading the Elemental Blessings series by Sharon Shinn, you’ll want to continue with this one. Especially if you read the third in the series, Jeweled Fire, and enjoyed Leah’s narrative.

This, the fourth, opens with Leah’s return to her home in Welce, and another assignment for the Regent, Darien Serlast. This time, she’s asked to open a shop that caters to foreign visitors from two neighboring countries, one of which has strange philosophies that allow them to harm others, as long as the harm is balanced by an equal act of good.

In the last novel, Leah worked in a foreign market stall with a man whose name escapes me at the moment. They form a quiet but deep connection, beginning with his poisoning Leah to find out if she’s trustworthy, and growing into something romantic. In this novel, that relationship continues. The romance was my least favorite part of the novel. Everything else, the investigation into the disturbing bodies found in the streets, the intrigue between Leah and her “friend” from the foreign country, and the relationship between Leah and her daughter, surpassed the romance.

Leah had fled her Welce after giving birth to her daughter, and the central relationship in this book was, for me, the budding relationship Leah builds with her newfound daughter, who is a precocious five-year-old. Surrounding this are Leah’s family and friends, who welcome her back without reservation. There’s a little bump with the father of her child, before things between them smooth out.

This is a really great book, but if you’re in the mood for romance, pass on this one. As I write that, I realize your taste in romance might vary. Read it for a pretty sedate romance, or read it for the adventure, intrigue, magic, and suspense.

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