The Spinster Dons a Pair of Pants in “The Duke of Daring”

The Duke of Daring by Darcy Burke
Darcy Burk: July 5, 2016
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Free From Publisher

Beach Vacation

The Duke of Daring is Darcy Burke’s most recent historical romance and it features a cross-dressing heroine who is prowling gambling dens in search of a fortune so that she and her grandmother can retire to Bath. What this heroine doesn’t count on is having her disguise discovered. Let the romance games begin!

Our cross-dressing heroine is Miss Lucinda Parnell, a spinster who has failed at the Marriage Mart. With finances now strained for her and her grandmother Lucinda decides that she needs cash and she needs it now. Having learned games of chance from her father Lucinda’s hit on one method to get rich quick; however, she doesn’t count on Andrew Wentworth, the Earl of Dartford discovering that she is a woman or her own attraction to the man. Andrew, being the gentleman that he is, decides that Lucinda can’t be entering disreputable gambling dens on her own and makes a deal with the lady to accompany her on her adventures. Naturally, this close contact leads to an attraction, and just as naturally, it leads both the hero and heroine forced to reconcile their desire for each other with their reluctance to enter into marriage.

For the most part, I enjoyed The Duke of Daring. It was a cute and quick read featuring a likeable hero and heroine. Neither Lucy or Andrew is looking for a relationship and I liked how these two eventually realized that their reluctance could be set aside in favour of a partnership. The interactions between both characters were great and I loved the witty sense of humour that could be found throughout the book. Despite everything that I liked about the book, I did think that something was missing. The conflict between Andrew and Lucy seemed a tad contrived and I found myself loosing a bit of interest at the halfway mark. Andrew and Lucy seemed to come to terms with their respective hang ups perhaps a touch too quickly considering how much they focused on them. So, while I still enjoyed the read, I did find it a bit forgettable after finishing the book.

The Duke of Daring is an entertaining historical romp that does what it’s supposed to. While I personally found it lacking in substance, it is an entertaining read and will appeal to readers looking for a romance that is not overly complicated.

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