“Deep Dark” Begins with a Bang

25814336.jpgDeep Dark by Laura Griffin
Pocket Book: May 24, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: Free From Publisher

I’d go there again!

I’ve been a fan of Griffin’s Tracers series since I discovered her on audiobook. When I had the chance at an advance copy of book ten, well, there was no waiting on the audio format. Everything I love about Griffin’s series was here: romance, mystery, and suspense. And, Griffin hooks readers from page one, immersing readers into the terrifying experience of a home invasion.

Laney Knox was attacked in her home two years ago. Laney managed to escape, but so did the intruder and it seems that other woman have not been so lucky. When a former co-worker is murdered, Laney reaches out to the investigating officer, Reed Novak. Unfortunately, Reed is less than impressed with Laney’s methods and her penchant for evasion. Despite their differences, it soon becomes clear that Laney does have essential information about the case, but she wants to participate fully before giving it all up. Needless to say, detective Novak isn’t pleased with Laney’s withholding of information, while at the same time he feels drawn to the young woman.

If you’ve not read a Laura Griffin book before, you soon come to realize that Griffin effortlessly combines a mystery and romance. The balance between these two genres is handled really well, and I would say that it sways closer to the mystery/thriller side if I had to give a definitive answer. At the end of the day a serial killer is on the loose and that’s kind of a little bit more important than the burgeoning romance between our hero and heroine, as it should be. But, that’s not to say that the romance isn’t done well.

Like Griffin’s previous books in the series, romance is a big part of the book. And, in Deep Dark I found it particularly compelling considering that it was between two seemingly mismatched characters. Laney’s twenty-four, a computer hacker that skirts the law, likes high-top sneakers and has colourful hair. Not exactly someone that you would obviously put with Reed, a thirty-nine year old, jaded detective that favours dress pants and button-down shirts. So, based on description alone, you wouldn’t assume that these two go together. But, the author really makes this relationship work, examining why these opposites attract. Even with the rather important hunt for a serial killer going on, Griffin does not skimp out on the important parts of a romance (FYI – it’s more than a sex scene).

Lastly, Griffin once again proves that she knows how to the write suspense. From the first page, I was immersed in the suspense. There was something so terrifying about being part of Laney’s home invasion. Her fear is the readers fear. The first chapter set the tone of Deep Dark and from then on in it was a race to the finish line for Laney and Reed to discover who is behind these murders.

Fans of Griffin will not be disappointed by Deep Dark. For those that especially enjoyed Twisted (book 5 of the Tracers series), I think they will find the characters particularly appealing. While obviously different characters, both Reed and Laney reminded me of Mark and Allison. And not just because of the whole May-December relationship thing. Romantic suspense fans, you wont want to miss Deep Dark.

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If you liked the more procedural aspects of Griffin’s series, Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison’s A Brit in the FBI, might be a good follow up read. Each book places a huge emphasis on a thriller plot, but there is also a great relationship (and potential romance) between it’s two main characters. Start with book 1, The Final Cut.

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