Christmas Special: Bookish Decorations

Hello! Our Christmas Special returns – this time with ideas for bookish decorations. There’s still a bit of time left to decorate, so we hope these images and posts will inspire you!


1. Bookish Ornament from What have I done now? Looks like a fun and easy way to add some bookish fun to your Christmas tree.

2. Christmas Wrapping. Not really a decoration, but these wrapping ideas from Book Riot would look beautiful under the tree. Added bonus -repurpose those copies of books you loathed.


3. Sparkly Snowflakes. These snowflakes might be a little ambitious for me, but for the really crafty folks, these snowflakes from House Revivals would be a lovely addition around the house.

4. Book Garland. On a budget? Have lots of old books? Ornaments, garlands, and more from Alisa Burke. Here’s another garland from Natalie Bradley. Do the whole house in a bookish style.

5. Snowflake Picture Frame. Love this idea for a nice winter scene from A place 2 call home. Scroll a bit for the instructions.



And that wraps up this Christmas Special! Try out one or more if you’re feeling crafty. Comment below with your success stories and tips.


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