Christmas Special: Bookish Gifts for the Book Lover

This Christmas, we will be re-posting some of our Christmas specials from last year. For the first three Sundays in December, we’ll share a popular post from our 12 Days of Christmas series. This week:

Five bookish gifts for the book lover in your life

1. Simplifying the holidays? Celebrating sustainably? How about creating a redeemable coupon for a trip together to a bookstore, library, or secondhand bookstore? Check your local listings on Google, Yelp … well, you know what to do. If you have little readers at home and yet have trouble finding time to read together, give them redeemable coupons for some reading-aloud-together time.

Or, go with them to get a library card! So many renewable, reusable presents, all in one little plastic rectangle. Delightful.

2. For half-pint and full-size organizers – the Little Librarian kit, available on Amazon. Encourage them to read and give them an outlet for their organizational skills! So cute. Also, the Knock Knock adult Personal Library Kit. Available from both Amazon, and the Knock Knock site, which has loads of other cool things (paper voodo dolls, travel planning sheets, pro/con sheets, all with a great sense of humor).

little librarian


3. Book accessories – Does your booklover read late into the night, when traveling, or just generally in the dark? There are book lights for that (my favorite is from Restoration Hardware):


Does your booklover love reading so much s/he is always trying to read and do something else at the same time? Try a book stand (this one from Amazon):


great gatsby



4. For the bibliophile and cook, bibliophile and mixologist, or the bibliophile, cook, AND mixologist – Literary cookbooks and cocktail books, such as Tequila Mockingbird or Literary Feast: The Famous Authors Cookbook or the witty, not-so-serious The Decadent Cookbook.

tequila mockingbird literary feast cookbook

5. And lastly, the obvious! Buy them books. Or ebooks. Or even money to buy them. Any booklover will love this present.

Well, by now I hope you have more creative ideas about what to get that booklover in your life. Rest assured, there’s much more out there than I could fit into this post. Honorable mentions: literary-themed clothes (such as t-shirts, ties, sweaters, and even shoes), literary-themed tote bags, journals, pens, bookmarks, hollowed books for hiding things, and so much more.


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