Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 39

It’s Monday again, and that means another edition of Book Adventures Weekly! Read on for your weekly round-up of bookish news.

Were you wondering what that new Netflix show, Jessica Jones, is all about? Evidently it’s a new take on the Alias comic from Marvel.

There’s a lot of depressing news everywhere. Buzzfeed has an uplifting list of books that will restore your faith in humanity. Although you could also do something kind for someone and observe the ripples that follow. It feels odd to me that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the only genre book on the list. If you were to write a similar list with books from science fiction and fantasy, romance, mystery, or other genre-fiction genre, which books would be on it?

Barnes and Noble’s Science Fiction and Fantasy blog lists their top SFF picks for 2015. It’s early, but just in time for Christmas lists, I suppose. Lots of them are on my to-read list, and a couple of them I really enjoyed. Check out our reviews of Vision in Silver (Jaclyn liked it better), Uprooted, and Signal to Noise.

Calling all romance lovers, a film about romance readers and writers premiers this week in NYC. If you’re in New York, Eloisa James and Radclyffe will be there! If you’re not, ask your library to purchase the film.

Have you heard of Crimson Peak? Seen it and loved it? Book Riot suggests 13 books to read if you’re into the Gothic romance genre. Readers will probably recognize Jane Eyre and Rebecca.

If you follow the awards, you may be interested to know that Lovecraft’s likeness has been removed from the trophy for the World Fantasy Award.

Shakespeare & Company, the bookshop and cafe in Paris, reopened this morning.


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