Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 36

If ever there was a reason to get back into Doctor Who, it would be Maisie Williams/Arya Stark playing the villain.

Mental Floss lists 5 Bookish Facts about American readers and their habits. SHOCKING: “Some people have not even touched a book this year.” Did you know most book reviews are written by men, even though women read more books than men? Sort of reminds me of attitudes toward “women’s fiction” and “romance novels”…

Would you return a book 63 years after you borrowed it from the library?

Do you wear white in winter? Other rules to break, this time in the “reading” category.

Who doesn’t love a book set in a magical academy? I’m going to have to check out Rainbow Rowell’s The Rise and Fall of Simon SnowThere are other reviews by the NYT, as well, in case the first doesn’t strike your fancy.

For Katniss fans, Booklist Reader suggests two similar leading women.

Do’s and Don’ts of Reading and Drinking. For example: Don’t choose a bar in close proximity to a bookstore. Your lowered inhibitions may lead to unwise impulsive book purchases.

That’s all for this week! Tune in again next Monday for Issue 37.

Oh, and as a last-minute addition…

Eye candy. Libraries of the rich and famous. Move over, Beast!


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