Top 10 Books to Read While You Wait for Outlander’s Second Season

I waited with so much excitement and anticipation for the first season of Outlander. When I finally got my copy from the library (yep, still without cable, still not torrenting, still not buying episodes on iTunes), I started watching it immediately. As excited as I was, I still had no idea how much I would love the series. Fellow book adventurers, I finished the whole season in a WEEKEND. I did not do so many things that I was supposed to do this weekend.

The series remains very faithful to the plot of the book, the costumes are perfect, the scenery is gorgeous, and the acting is so good I felt just as immersed in the show as I did in the book. Well, almost. I do remember “knowing” the characters better after I read the series the first time, than I did after watching the TV series.

Knowing how addicted I am, and how much more I am anticipating the second season than I did the first, I’ve decided to put together a list of books I (and you) can come back to whenever I’m (we’re) feeling withdrawal from Outlander.

The list (and more), after the jump…

The List

  1. Obviously, there’s Outlander itself. And it’s only the start of a lengthy series. I’ve read it a handful of times, and I’m re-reading it now, and for me, it doesn’t suffer at all from having just marathoned the whole first season. Diana Gabaldon is a great storyteller, and I got sucked right back into Claire’s adventures.
  2. Susanna Kearsley writes about connections between different time periods and time travel. The Winter Sea links the present day and an earlier Jacobite Scotland – 1708, before the first rebellion. Set on the Scottish coast, it follows Carrie McClelland’s research for her latest novel – and her vivid connection to the past.
  3. Also by Susanna Kearsley, the past intervenes in the present in the form of a ghost in The Shadowy Horses. When Verity Grey, archaeologist, joins her boss at a dig in Scotland to discover potential remains of the Lost Ninth Roman Legion, she sees more of the past than she could have imagined.
  4. Dorothy Dunnett’s writing brings the past to life in such amazing detail. This book begins a series about a Scottish nobleman who returns to Scotland, becomes accused of treason, and leads a bad of outlaws to restore his name and save his land.
  5. The Forgotten Garden is about a young woman, Cassandra, who receives a book of dark fairy tales written by a Victorian woman who disappeared. There are two timelines here, one following Cassandra, and one set in the past.
  6. On a Highland Shore takes readers back to an earlier, independent Scotland, one threatened by Norse raiders. Margarate MacDonald, laird’s daughter, must choose the right allies to save her lands from the invaders.
  7. Marsha Canham’s Pride of Lions looks more romance-heavy than the books I’m interested in these days. I have begun to find it bothersome when thoroughly modern people are dropped into a pseudo-historical setting. These days, I prefer my historical fiction to be more accurate, more detailed, more immersive. So, I’m not sure how well I’d like this one, but I’m willing to try it.
  8. Queen Hereafter has no time travel in it, like a couple of the others listed here. And it takes place in a much earlier Scotland, like On a Highland Shore, as young Margaret, Saxon princess, becomes Queen of Scotland and learns her way around politics, intrigue, and treachery at the Scottish court.
  9. In a twist of the prevailing fantastical theme of this list, That Autumn in Edinburgh follows a star-crossed couple who began their romance in the nineteenth century. Today, they are thrown together as an American designer and a visiting Scotsman.10. Among the classics, the obvious choice is Rob Roy, by Sir Walter Scott.

Further Reading

There are already a couple of relevant Listopia lists on Goodreads:

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Have you read anything like Outlander that you would add to this list? Share in the comments, or on our Goodreads list! There’s a long wait until Season 2…

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