Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 34

Today is Columbus Day in the United States (an unfortunate holiday, but I’m happy not to go to work!), and this weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Happy holidays! Happy eating, happy resting, happy excursioning, and especially happy reading!

Some blog news first: We have a twitter account! We’re @bookadventurers – this is where we’ll be sharing our stories, posts, and links from now on.

We also have a Goodreads account, where we’ll be sharing our reviews and connecting with you all.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

On the subject of today’s United States holiday, The Atlantic poses the question: why should schools re-think their Columbus Day teachings?

In #sciencefictionnotfiction, The New Yorker explores Life on Mars.

The New York Times Sunday Book Review comments on Margaret Lazarus Dean’s pessimistic book on the end of American spaceflight.

In a bit of dystopian non-fiction, The Atlantic explores Moldovian black market connections to ISIS.

In time for Halloween, Book Riot lists 13 creepy bookish trivia.

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