“Good Earl Gone Bad” – or Not

23723780Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins
St. Martin’s: October 6, 2015 (Historical Romance)*

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Good Earl Gone Bad is the second in Collins’ Lords of Anarchy trilogy featuring a suspicious curricle-riding club. Who knew racing a carriage around the ton could be so nefarious?

This latest installment pairs up aspiring whip Lady Hermione Upperton and Jasper Fawley, the Earl of Mainwaring, who wins Hermione in a game of cards, as one does in a historical romance. Realizing that marrying the earl is the only way to avoid a charge of murder and conduct her own investigation into uncovering real villain, Hermione reluctantly (but-not-really-since-she-already-has-feelings-for-Mainwaring) marries Jasper.

While I liked Good Earl Gone Bad, I do have to admit that I was left a little underwhelmed. Having read all of Collins’ previous books, I feel like they are starting to get repetitive. Each trilogy features three young ladies who are friends; then they meet three handsome aristocratic dudes who also happen to be friends. Each couple finds themselves involved in an intrigue and then they get married. What was once refreshing now seems a bit old hat.

I liked the suspense element that is incorporated in Good Earl Gone Bad, but in this case I thought it took away from the romance plot. Hermione and Jasper spent so much time investigating the theft of horses that I didn’t really buy the inevitable “I love you so much” at the end; there didn’t seem to be enough relationship development for this to be true. Ultimately, I think the romance and the mystery could have used a little more meat to them. That said, if you like your romance and mystery on the lighter side Good Earl Gone Bad is a good choice.

As much as it pains me to admit, there’s just not much that I have to say about Good Earls Go Bad. It wasn’t a horrible book; it was a nice book featuring nice people who are nice to each other. There’s nothing wrong with that, a nice book is sometimes exactly what I am looking for, but in this instances Good Earls Go Bad just wasn’t a memorable read for me.

*Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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