Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 29

A Dribble of Ink‘s closure inspired most of this week’s round-up. One of the blog’s most popular posts is about women and fighting, how they’ve always done things the contemporary social narrative doesn’t admit they did, or can do. It’s called ‘Challenging the Women, Cattle, and Slaves Narrative’. And it’s really good.

This post from The History Girls, tells stories of women in the Middle Ages who worked in professions forbidden to them by society.

Foz Meadows writes about default narrative settings in science fiction and fantasy, and how they can’t be separated from politics.

Recently, I read a review of Cordelia’s Honor in which the reviewer was disappointed, having read some of Bujold’s later works first. Reading opposing reviews inspires me to expand my own thinking about a book, so I’m very interested to see this review that seems to take the opposite approach to loving the series.

Smog-inhaling tower turns pollution into jewelry. Is this the ultimate in environmentally-conscious consumption?


That’s all for this holiday weekend (for those of you resting/celebrating/adventuring, enjoy!) Check in again next week for the latest in book-related and not-so-related news.


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