Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 27

Libraries from space, or enabling universal internet access: The Outernet and Lighthouse. This tool helps narrow the digital divide by making the internet available to the 80% of the world that doesn’t have access.

The two women who just completed Army Ranger training share why they did it, and how they got through it. These are two inspiring women.

CBC has a pretty cool quiz that asks you to figure out where in Canada certain quotes are from. I got 43% correct, but my knowledge of Canadian geography is wimpy.

Woohoo! Book Riot has a list of podcasts for sci-fi/fantasy fans.

More about today’s Google doodle, from Lee and Low Books.

YOU GUYS. io9 lists the reasons why Tamora Pierce’s novels should be made into films. And there’s some AMAZING artwork included in the post.

That’s all for this week! Check back next Monday for more book/fiction/genre-related (and not-so-related) news and links.


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