Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 24

But first, a little blog news: we will be debuting a new feature very soon that we’ll call Traveling with Books. We’re excited about this new feature that will bring our two themes even closer together, and we hope you will be, too! Stay tuned for the first post in the next couple of weeks.

Do you enjoy reading biographies and such about strong, powerful, incredible women? Here’s a list from Book Riot of motivational nonfiction about women.

More along those lines… read an article about Mary Shelley, the teenage girl who invented science fiction (/horror).

In an amusing memoir-post, Book Riot remembers growing up reading sexy scenes in all kinds of books. Even more amusingly, it’s titled “Tryin’ to catch me reading dirty”

If you’ve been on Goodreads, you know book trailers are now a thing. Here’s a book trailer for Max Gladstone’s new release: Two Serpents Rise (I still have to read Three Parts Dead…)

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