Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 16

At long last, faithful readers – a new issue of the Book Adventures Weekly, with the most interesting recent bookish news.

I know I’ve been missing these for quite some time, but I hope to be back on the regular weekly schedule from now until… the next big Life Thing.

Happy reading!

I recently read Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 – No Normal and quite enjoyed it. The Book Smugglers review it on their blog. If you’re interested in reading a book, as opposed to a graphic novel, about a young woman in a world with superheroes, do check out Superheroes Anonymous.

The Book Riot has 25 old(er) films you may not have known were originally books… now that you know, will you go read any of them? Which ones?

From Mental Floss, images of literary maps of America. Some are pretty, some are not.

More in literary tourism: a list of American author museums, compiled by Book Riot.

Women in SF & F month comes to a close at Fantasy Cafe, with links to posts by authors about things. In one of the links, Michelle Sagara discusses writing and not writing romance.


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