Giveaway & Review! “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid”

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid-1Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid by Suzanne Enoch
St. Martin’s: March 3, 2015 (Historical Romance)*

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Suzanne Enoch’s latest is another winner – and to help celebrate it’s release we’re giving away 5 copies of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid, graciously provided by the publisher. To enter, simply comment on this post before March 24th, 2015 and 5 random people will be chosen as winners.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid is Enoch’s latest in her Scandalous Highlanders series, and it features the much used (and much beloved) unrequited love trope. Rowena MacLawry has loved Lachlan MacTier for most of her life. However, Lachlan has never returned those affections. He likes her, but as a sister. After returning home to Scotland after her first season in London, Rowena is determined to put Lachlan behind her; she’s ready to give up her girlish fantasies and move on. Unfortunately, Lachlan is in for rude awakening where Rowena is concerned – perhaps he was just a tad too hasty to dismiss her so quickly. What starts as a battle of wills quickly becomes something much more.

Enoch’s latest was an adorable read. The hero and heroine were relatively young, so the antics and angst were very fitting to their ages. Both Rowena and Lachlan initially come across as rather impulsive and indecisive, but Enoch skillfully weaves a tale that goes beyond superficial and immature actions. The plot and ultimate resolution was not unexpected, and what I really liked about Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid was the fact that both Lachlan and Rowena came to a new understanding about each other.

In unrequited love stories there’s always the danger that once those affections are returned the happily ever after can appear disingenuous. This is not the case in Mad, Bad, and Dangerous because both character do some introspection on what they really want. Rowena especially went through some soul searching to determine what she really wanted. When she decided she no longer wanted to pursue Lachlan she was free to actually view him as actual person rather than through the rose tinted glasses of her adolescent infatuation. It is this transformation that enriched this otherwise light, romantic read. It wasn’t about one character finally making the other “see” them for what they truly were, it was about two people really evaluating the other on equal terms. There are light and fluffy moments, but by the end of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous readers are given a realistic resolution to the unrequited love trope.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid is another lovely romance by Enoch. It was funny, serious, and romantic – all the things that you want to see in a romance and perfect for readers that enjoy a good, well-developed unrequited romance (with a happy ending, of course!). Don’t forget to comment below to be entered to win 1 of 5 copies of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid.

*Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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  1. I love highland romances and your review of “Mad, Bad and Dangerous in Plaid” has put it on my “read soon” list.

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