Book Adventures Weekly: Issue 12

You’ve already heard this already, but HARPER LEE HAS A SECOND BOOK. It will be published soon. Originally the first draft of what became To Kill A Mockingbird, it features a grown-up Scout. Do you want to read it? I’m not sure I want Scout to grow up, personally.

Need inspiration? BookRiot has a list of inspiring quotes from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Science Fiction  & Fantasy Book Reviews has lists of award-winning fantasy and science fiction novels (World Fantasy Award, Nebula Award, and Hugo Award), in case you want to read any of those next. You can also read her reviews of the ones she’s read, if you’re unsure you want to commit to any of them.

Scottish Book Trust explores five ways to help children fall in love with libraries. Some of these would work for adults, too. (Explore the building, and give yourself time to browse. That is, after all, why books are arranged by subject).

Just for fun: Which literary heroine are you? (Who the heck is Lucy Honeychurch?) You may want to ignore the advice at the end. Because really, does a quiz know your personal flaws? I doubt it.


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