Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 10

Good Monday morning, fellow adventurers! (And yes, I am actually writing this on Monday morning).

On the lost art of reading aloud, From BookRiot.

Into newspapers? The British Library has just opened its National Newspaper Building. So says LibraryJournal.

Attention, fans of the science fiction fairy tale re-tellings by Marissa Meyer: you can score a free signed copy of Fairest over at  Shelf Awareness.

One of Canada’s most esteemed writers, Margaret Laurence, spoke out against censorship in 1985. Watch it at the CBC Digital Archives.

Did you know a woman wrote about a Utopia in the seventeenth century? Neither did I, but Margaret Cavendish wrote The Blazing World (provocatively, about the rise of woman to absolute power) in 1666. Who’s reading it with me?

I’m just going to leave it there, because how awesome is that?

(As usual, all links discovered through Twitter)


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