Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 6

Fellow adventurers, read on for this week’s noteworthy news.

You might be a book nerd if… you panic when you leave your house without something to read, or it drives you nuts when you can’t see what other people are reading. Head over to Book Riot for more examples. Do any of these look familiar? How about all of them?

Gendering young adult and children’s books is arbitrary and limiting – but even if you do, “books for boys” are not disappearing. By Stacked librarian Kelly Jensen, via Book Riot.

Just in time for the holidays, Book Riot shows 15 bookish ornaments that you can make.

Check out these fascinating reference questions from the 1940s to the 1980s, asked of NY Public Library librarians. Be sure to read the one from 1/2/67 (there’s an image).


And, from the Department of Random, Diversity in Children’s Entertainment Section

After reading this Vanity Fair article, I am desperate to see The Legend of Korra. Dear Public Library, Please purchase it…


More from the Department of Random, Wolf Conservation Division. 

Good news, friends of wolves! The Great Lakes wolves are protected again!


Thanks for these news items go to, as usual, Book Riot and Twitter. Also, Vanity Fair, and a friend for pointing out the Humane Society article on the wolves.



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