Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 5

Well, this is embarrassing. At long last, another Book Adventures Weekly post. Just a few links, today.

Do you resent DRM from prohibiting things you do as an owner with the media you purchase? An encouraging update from Electronic Frontier Foundation describes Judge Denise Cote’s ruling that pointing users to DRM-stripping software is not copyright infringement.

From Library Journal, a link to a presentation at the Library of Congress about the Cataloging in Publication Program of the LC, which is now accepting e-books from major publishers. I wonder if these copies will also have DRM, and how long the LC will have access to them?

And, from the Department of Random, Time-Wasting Section:

What color is it? A website whose sole purpose is to show you the corresponding color for each and every second that passes. When can I get that in a wallpaper?


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