Book Adventures Weekly, Issue 4

Fellow Adventurers,

My apologies for getting this weekly issue out so late. Still, here are some interesting quick items for your Monday lunch break:


Do you qualify your genre-reading tastes as “guilty pleasures”? Stop that.

Friends (by which I mean that sitcom we all used to watch in the ’90s): top five bookish moments from Book Riot.

To help you plan your next fantasy adventure: Fantasy Faction has the round-up of World Fantasy Award Winners.

From Orbit, news that Patricia Briggs’ latest Alpha and Omega novel will be published in March, 2015! Having just given 5 suitcases to the second in the series, I find this news very exciting. Plus, it gives me time to read all the in-between novels…

Have you voted yet for the best books of 2014? Get in the game at Goodreads. It’s the semi-finals already.

Via Book Riot’s Critical Linking series: A personal reading manifesto by Austin Kleon.

Love Shakespeare? Can’t make it to the Globe Theatre in London? Now you can watch Globe performances online!

Why I write reviews with the phrase, “It wasn’t for me,” as described by Austin Kleon. Everybody has different tastes, and you might like what disappoints me. I’d rather answer the question: “Did I like it?” than the question: “Would you like it?” I know a lot more about the answer to the first. (I never thought about Future Me vs. Me Right Now, but that totally happens).


And, from the Department of Random, Wolf Conservation Division:

Four wolves were recently killed in Montana. One death, that of an alpha male, will have a huge impact on a species that learns hunting, social, and survival behavior from its adults and leaders.

Similarly, the only breeding female wolf of Washington state’s Teanaway family group, was shot and killed recently, endangering the recovery of those wolves. A criminal investigation has been launched, since the killing of this wolf was against both state and federal laws.

The wolves of Isle Royale in Michigan may be doomed, according to associate professor and renowned Michigan wolf expert, John Vucetich.


As usual, most links retrieved from Twitter. Also, just discovered I really like what Austin Kleon is saying.

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