Book Discovery Tool: Genre Blender

genre blenderIn my professional life, I love doing readers’ advisory (RA) at my library. I dream of those moments when a patron will come and ask for a book recommendation rather than homework help. It’s not that I don’t enjoy research, but RA is where my true interest lies (which is why I write on this blog). As a result, I’m always on the hunt for a new RA tool, and I have just recently found one that feels like it’s made for me: Genre Blender. This site is a fun tool created by author of the blog, Genrify.

Most people that read genre fiction are aware that there are many books out there that make it hard to categorize a title into a specific genre. There are many books out there that straddle multiple genres: Games of CommandFirelight, The Winter Kingand The Golden City, to name a few. Personally, I love it when genres “mix and mingle” and the stories that result are always richer for it. And Genre Blender is devoted to such books. Select a couple of your favourite genres and then blend to find some great new recommendations. From my own experimentation of the site, I was introduced to some titles that stretch the boundaries of my favourite genres.

At this point that database that supports the site is small, only about 450 titles according to the “About” page. However, I think it’s a great RA tool for both personal and professional use. By targeting a reader’s favourite genre or genres, you may stumble across titles that may be outside their reading comfort zone, but appeal because of the connection to a genre they already enjoy. I can already see myself using this one at work, especially for genres that I don’t read extensively in. Ultimately, a great tool that’s easy to use, so get blending and find something new!


  1. Amazingness! I could lose so much time here… Lots of books I’ve already read/know about, though. It will be nice to see it grow and the number of titles expand.

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