Comfort Reading

Whether it’s the dropping temperatures and coziness of an overstuffed armchair, a wool blanket, and a mug of tea; an increase in stress and busyness; or the sometimes unhappy effects of change (or, really, anything else) … there are reasons for comfort reading. It happens. Lately, it’s been happening to me. And so, instead of reading the new books I should be finishing for reviews, I’ve been reading new books and re-reading old ones that encourage escapism. Today’s post, then, is not a review – but a personal list of Top Ten Twelve Comfort Reads. In fact, some will be the ones I’ve read in this latest bout of comfort reading, while others are books I return to again, and again, and again. NB: Comfort reading may be enhanced when combined with comfort baking or comfort drinking. Urban paranormal fantasy is a huge draw for me right now. Recently, I’ve read and re-read the following, which may or may not have been influenced by my recent post on books with werewolves:


While I don’t read historical romance regularly, it does play a large role in comfort reading episodes. These two are among my new favorites:

When things get really bad, I usually turn to my favorite book EVER. It’s distinguished by a vivid historical setting, a superb romance, realistic and complex characters, a stubborn, independent, and intelligent heroine, and the best hero I’ve ever read.

If I’m feeling in the mood for science fiction, I turn to Sharon Lee and Steve Miller:

Fantasy (young adult fantasy, usually) works best when I want to resolve (or encourage) nostalgia:

Each time I go through a comfort reading phase, the books are different – slightly, or greatly – but there’s always a heavy amount of re-reading, romance, adventure, and happily ever afters. Do you go through comfort reading phases? What are the books (or characteristics, or authors) you turn to in stressful or nostalgic times?


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