March Madness

18667978I was supposed to have this post up last night, but I got caught up in Alex Grecian’s newest installment to The Murder Squad series (out May 2014). There was no time to post since I was too busy finishing this suspenseful book before bed, there was no way I was leaving it unfinished, grumpiness at work be damned! I’ll certainly be hard pressed to review this one in May without giving away any spoilers  – but holy cow The Devil’s Workshop was awesome. If you haven’t read the other books, you must do so before this one hits the shelves. And thankfully, Stacey has recommended me the Sebastian St. Cyr series, which sounds very similar. I’ll need something to tide me over before getting the next book from Grecian.

Now on to what’s up for Stacey and I in March. I personally have a ton of reviews to catch up on. I’ve read quite a few advance copies and now it’s a matter of sitting down to write some reviews. I have some great recommendations coming up this month (at least I think so) and I can’t wait to share them. As usual for me, there will be historical romance making the cut, I just cannot resist! But I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on a teen fantasy (featuring assassins!) and reviewing the latest release of one of my favourite author’s, Simone St. James.

Stacey and I are also looking forward to a joint review of Anne Bishop’s Murder of Crows. This is Bishop’s second installment of The Others series. The first book was amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on book two. I have a sneaking suspicion that both Stacey and I will be in total agreement on this one – but you never know.

Here’s hoping that March is a fun reading month and that we make some good reading recommendations. And also, here’s hoping that spring’s around the corner, I’m sick of this snow!


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