On the fifth day of Christmas, we give you five ideal reading spots!

armchairIt’s the holiday season, which means lots of social events, parties, and family gatherings. If you’re just too tuckered (or peopled) out, when there are too many people at home, or at the party, or wherever you are, where do you go to get away and read? I don’t know about you, but the holidays have descended upon me like an avalanche down a mountain. Suddenly, finding a time to read has become incredibly challenging. But places? Well, keep reading for some of my favorites.

1. Your bedroom – As mundane as this suggestion is, it really benefits from the facts that a) it’s designated your territory, b) you can close the door to keep out unwanted intruders, and c) others might figure you’re taking a nap, and leave you alone (you could even use that as an excuse!). Your bedroom is quite the easiest place to get away from the hustle, bustle, sounds, and smells with a good book.

2. A book-friendly nook – I’m not talking about a couch, or the armchair that sits next to the couch, because in a family or living room, those are both highly trafficked areas, and besides, isn’t that where your TV slash fireplace is? But there might be a cozy reading chair in an upstairs hallway, or in a guest bedroom, a study, or even a home library, if you’re lucky. If it’s got a comfy chair (NB: can you drag a comfy chair there without too much effort slash noise slash scratched floors? Do it!) and is out of the way of the the main gathering spots, you’re golden!

3. A coffee shop or cafe – Yes, there will be people here. And yes, it will probably be a bit noisy. The advantage to going out to a cafe is that you really get away from all the craziness at home, and all the people? Probably they don’t know you. You might chitchat for a minute or two, especially if there’s another reader nearby, but you certainly don’t have to. Plus, you can read and sip your triple-shot-skinny-caramel-latte-no-whip, or whatever is your favorite seasonal beverage.

4. Your local library – This is another get-me-out-of-the-house spot, and at your library, you don’t need to purchase a fancy schmancy drink just to get in some alone reading time. I guarantee they’ll have some comfy chairs you can take over for a little while, and they’ll probably have a water fountain you can use in lieu of that seasonal beverage. Bonus: It’ll be much quieter than a cafe! Second bonus: All the books you haven’t read, yet. Right. There.

5. A park or other scenic outdoors spot – Can you stand the cold? Is it cold? If the answer to the first question is yes, and the answer to the second yes or no, then you will no doubt enjoy being out in the fresh air. You’ll have a great view whenever you pause to un-bury your nose from your book and look up. You could grab a skinny two-shot-peppermint-hot-chocolate to take with you and warm you up from the inside while you read. Don’t forget your hat and gloves! Unless you’re in Florida, or California, and then wear whatever is appropriate while the rest of us envy you your warm weather.

So there are some of my ideas. Need some more? Try a bench at a botanical gardens (they’re usually warm!), a bookshop armchair, any unused room in your house (do you have a finished attic or basement?), or a friend’s quiet place. Probably you already have a favorite reading spot, in which case, I invite you to share!

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about sunny winter getaways and books that will help you enjoy the wintery weather you have.


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