Book Review: Delia’s Shadow

10576071Delia’s Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer
Publisher: Tor
Date: September 17th, 2013
Genre: Historical Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: Vacation by the beach

Delia Martin has returned home to San Francisco when she begins to see ghosts that have dropped out of sight since her move to New York. What Delia soon learns is that this ghost is the victim of a terrifying serial killer stalking San Francisco.

Once home Delia finds herself immersed in the investigation because of her unusual connection with the ghost, who is trying to lead Delia to her murderer. Helping Delia is the lead investigator of the case, Lieutenant Gabriel Ryan. As the killer raises the stakes Delia needs to learn to understand her ghost if she has any hope of stopping the killer who is now threatening the lives of those she loves.

Delia’s Shadow was a nice historical mystery with just a dash of romance. What I liked most about this one was the historical atmosphere that Moyer evoked. Historic San Francisco was a new setting to me and I found the descriptive setting to be a highlight with this one. The mystery was also fairly well executed, although I didn’t feel like there were any surprises about whodunnit. However, I felt that the serial killer and his crimes were sufficiently creepy, and had there been more violent detail I doubt I would have continued reading. So if you like a mystery, but don’t love explicit violence, this would be a good read for you.

For me, the weak part of the novel was the romance. Now, I’m a romance reader, so personally this aspect was important to me, and others may not have an issue with the relationship between Delia and Gabe as I did. From my point of view I found Delia and Gabe’s relationship to be a little flat and passionless. In the end, I just didn’t buy into the emotions that Delia and Gabe claimed to have for one another. Perhaps because a lot of this relationship development happened “off camera” and readers are just told that the pair goes walking and presumably has forged a strong relationship. I really would have liked a little bit more interaction between these two and I think it would have gone a long way to cementing a more believable relationship between them. But, again, this is coming from someone who is a big reader of romance rather than the mystery genre.

Overall, I enjoyed this historic, paranormal mystery and I would recommend it for fans of light mysteries. It was a quick read and I would gladly return to the setting since I’ve learned that it is to be the first in a series. I would love to delve more deeply into the characters of Delia and Gabe and explore more of historic San Francisco.


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